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Our Team

Started in 2018, and Texas grown, you can count on our work to deliver results. From websites to apps, we teach and learn from each other everyday, with growth based on trust and relationships.

Why Us?

At Hedges Digital, our business is your business. We like to create a common goal with our clients with the intent to achieve it as a team. We learn the in's and out's of our clients' businesses to create a deep understanding of the work we do.


Hedges Digital specializes in web technoligies. Started in 2018, we offer a variety of services to help your business.

Application Development

Have an idea for an application? Want to build a product for your business? We work with our clients to understand their true business needs with constant feedback, product iteration and innovation.

Static Website Development

A website is a tool for business. In the world today, without an effective website, your business can suffer. We offer custom made, quality, seo and user friendly sites that your users will love.

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